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PE led school operators backed Edu Infra platform | Ex-India focus


Ecolehouse is a global Edu Infra platform backed by school operators that focuses on building exceptional education infrastructure assets.

Innovator in research outsourcing

GV Research Platform

GV Research Platform is a leading innovator in research outsourcing, offering a disruptive platform that provides a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional models.

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Healthcare infrastructure delivery platform

The Medical Centre

As an experiential healthcare infrastructure delivery platform, The Medical Centre aims to be a one-stop medical facility, improving the healthcare landscape with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Manufacturing facilities for industrial parks and rented factories

Sheds & Beds

Sheds & Beds is the trusted name for specialized industrial parks, rented factories, and worker housing, offering manufacturing facilities that cater to various sectors.

Pan India mid-segment hospitality platform


Madison is a pan-India mid-segment hospitality platform with a commitment to sustainability at all levels.

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DIFC registered investment platform investing in NYSE/ SGX listed REITs/ InvITS


Winvest is a DIFC-registered investment platform that offers investment opportunities in NYSE/SGX listed REIT/InviTs, with a unique asset portfolio, active asset management, and easy exit opportunities.


A life science start-up fund


Investing in life science research and development through visionary start-up funding


Assurance | Compliance | DD | Research

Alpha Alternatives

Alpha Alternatives offers a comprehensive suite of services in audit & assurance, accounting, compliance, taxation, corporate due diligence, and legal support.

Co-working space

South Space

At our new-age co-working space, we offer a community-driven workspace that enables teams to collaborate, share ideas, and achieve their goals efficiently.

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