Seeking out the untapped potential in socially relevant ideas and bringing them to life

Who we are?

We are not just investors,
we are catalysts for change

Our story started in 2015 with like-minded people coming together with a mission to endorse ideas that have the potential to create a better future. We are a team of innovators and changemakers on a journey to support inclusive growth for talented entrepreneurs and socially responsible businesses.

Learn more about our approach that focuses on promoting growth and progress across social spectrums.

Powerful platforms that empower us



A new age full stack edu ventures platform with commitment to environmental principles in its business opportunities.



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We provide best-in-class infrastructure for innovation and technology, but we also create self-sustained, full-service ecosystems that inspire collaboration and growth within the life sciences and healthcare industry.



Through human habitat we have curated a range of modern living solutions to meet your requirements at each milestone.

Unrivaled portfolio
across every dimension


Characterized by innovation and disruption, our existing portfolio has a proven track record of promoting inclusive growth and delivering strong returns for our stakeholders.

In the oven

We align our early-stage ideas with our vision and strive to make a meaningful difference by exploring powerful ideas from the very beginning.

Celebrating partnerships.
Growing together.

By forming strategic partnerships with institutions, we are able to drive innovation, fuel our success, and deliver exceptional results.

Our co-investment strategies allow us to form meaningful long-term partnerships with family offices in their wealth creation journey and help them achieve their financial goals.

Smart sustainable ecosystem
that promotes inclusive growth

Worker Housing
School District
Medical Centers
Life Sciences
Neighborhood Schools
Study Centers

With you, at every step of business building

Unleashing revolutionary ideas backed by relentless dedication, expert guidance, and a united team effort throughout the company’s lifecycle.

People. Performance. Partnership.

Collaborative growth is rooted in our ideation

Our collaborative approach, coupled with a focus on human capital growth and satisfaction, leads to delightful experiences and exceptional outcomes.

Creating an equitable and sustainable future, together

At JV Ventures, we are actively promoting positive change and supporting the global initiative to achieve United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our operations are built on the foundation of sustainability and we are steadfast in our efforts to integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of it.

By continuously evaluating and improving our sustainability efforts from origin to exit, we ensure a better tomorrow for all.

Stay ahead with the power of knowledge

Know more about our investments that are transforming India’s socially relevant businesses.

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