Revolutionary platforms
for nurturing socially
relevant businesses

Seeking out the untapped potential in socially relevant ideas and bringing them to life


A “multi-brand”, “experience focused” and “global” managed habitats platform.

Through human habitat we have curated a range of modern living solutions to meet your requirements at each milestone.

Plug and stay living solutions curated based on need based growing demand in a variety of sectors.

Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure based range of modern living solutions to meet your requirements at each milestone.

Fostering growth and innovation in life sciences with bespoke infrastructure solutions

We are driven by a vision to create a better tomorrow through scientific development. And to accomplish this we bring forward our life sciences platform that contributes to innovation, research, and development.

Through Rx Propellent, we not only provide best-in-class infrastructure for innovation and technology, but we also create self-sustained, full-service ecosystems that inspire collaboration and growth within the life sciences industry.


We build more than just infrastructure, we engineer possibilities. From facility management to infrastructure solutions, our foundation for innovation and progress propels the life sciences industry to reach new heights.


We foster collaboration and connect experts across the scientific community through our innovative network platform, driving groundbreaking discoveries and accelerating scientific efforts.


With cutting-edge training and staffing solutions, we empower professionals by equipping them with the knowledge and expertise needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced life sciences industry.